How its rigged

Have you always felt that the economic numbers were a little off? 

Ok let me rephrase that.  Have you ever felt that the economic numbers were way off?

If so, your suspicions are dead on.  We couldn’t find a good resource that put all the data together, so we put one together ourselves.  In this concise report, you will see how the Government Rigs the various data: Unemployment, GDP and Inflation.

This is a great resource to share with any of your friends next time they want to tout how great a particular number is.

"How it's Rigged - The Economy"

Ever wonder how the Government distorts the Economic data?  If so this is the information you’ve been waiting for.

At only 16 pages. This is the cliff note version of what’s really behind the economic data.

Within this report we give an inside look at how the following data is rigged: Inflation, GDP and Unemployment.

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