I first woke up the New World Order in 2009 after I discovered the Federal Reserve wasn’t Federal and wasn’t reserving anything. As someone that took a class on the Federal Reserve in college as well as nearly every finance class made available to me, it really upset me that I didn’t know this.  By this time I’d already had my series 7, 66 and was on my way to becoming a CFP® and I figured if I was in the cat bird seat for knowing this and I didn’t know then who else didn’t know this?  

Well it turned out that a lot of people didn’t know this and ever since then I’ve been on a mission to wake people up to the dangers of central banking and Gubermente. 

In 2016 I decided to step outside the shadows and Nome de plums and to create a Facebook page dedicated to stopping Hilary. In only two months I amassed 32,000 followers and was reaching over 1 million people a week.  

That is until something rather profound went super viral and ever since Nov 16th, 2016 my reach was decreased 99%. 

In 2018, I met Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media and started doing videos with him.  Unfortunately right before I came on to WAM they were also shadowbanned by Theytube for having David Icke on. 

In 2020 Luke Rudkowski and myself joined forces to create a Change the News channel.

This was very short lived as one of us was promoting masks and tyranny while the other was espousing the virtue of freedom and that the entire Plandemic was a scam and a farce.  I’ll let you take a guess where I stood. 

After 2 short months, I pulled the plug on doing videos with Luke and spent the next few years rebuilding my business and building out my homestead where I’m trying to be the example to others. 

My mission is to help awaken the masses to the dangers of a debt based monetary system so that our kids and grandkids won’t be slaves to central bankers. 

In addition to finance, I’m also quite well versed in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.  When it comes to Geopolitics I’ve completely given up hope voting in rigged elections but my track record predicting events is practically second to none. 

For a short list of things I’ve predicted:

-2013 I purchased over 100 N-95 Masks thinking the “Globalist” would stage a bio weapon terror attack. (Facebook)

In 2014 I predicted the US was trying to start a war with Russia to Blame the financial collapse on the Russians or possibly China and not the fact it was a debt based finite system that was always destined to eventually fail. (Facebook)

2016- I predicted Donald Trump would win and that the democrats would blame it on the Russians and why they’d blame it on the Russians.   (Facebook / Youtube)

2016- I had the first “Fake News List”  by weaponizing it against the fake left go viral on facebook.  ****  I had one person listed by name.  That person was Paul Krugman and 1.5 years later Donald Trump would have a top 10 fake news award list… number 1… Paul Krugman!

2016 My First ever podcast dealt with the dangers of interest rate risk and how the FED would eventually lose money and someday when the FED was forced to raise rates to combat inflation that it would wipe the collateral from the banking system. 

2017  In March I predicted that Donald Trump would lose and I never waivered from this.

2017 In May I first talked about Ethereum on Facebook when it was under $100.

2017– Started using the term FED Coin and Gov Coin to warn about what we now refer to as the CBDC. 

2018 – I made one video on ripple on the day of the all time high and said I hope anyone dumb enough to think its getting to $10 deserves to lose all their money.  

2018 In the depths of the crypto bust I predicted this would be a multi trillion dollar asset and started helping people invest into crypto using their IRA’s.  

2019– I don’t have a large staff to look back but I’m sure there is a lot here as well

2020 In a presentation at Anarchapulco I predicted the election would be stolen.  The rationale for why it would be stolen.  Why it wasn’t stolen in 2016 and even the states they would steal in a powerpoint.  (Youtube/ TDV Presentation).

2020– Later that evening in an all speaker Q and A I predicted Bitcoin would lose around 80% during the next financial crisis and after the FED prints trillions of dollars that it would go up to over $50k!

2020 In March I predicted the scamdemic would last over 18 months and I was one of the first to interview Dr Judy Mikovitz. 

March of 2020 we were already calling out Wuhan institute of virology.  Only later to realize that was a red herring and disatraction in and of itself. 

2020 In April I was on video calling out all the fallacies of the plandemic.   I was already calling this a huge scam and defiantly not complying.  By the Summer I’d already woken up to terrain theory and interviewed the likes of Dr Andrew Kauffman.

2021- I won a rant off at Flote Fest by ranting on CBDC’s.

2021  Predicted Monkey pox as the next scam

2022 Preached GBTC on Roth IRA conversions

2022 Predicted what would later be known as the BTFP program almost down to the T.

2022 Presented a long form presentation on the dangers of CBDC’s. 

2022 Started work on my Homestead to prepare for an upcoming Plandemic / Cyber Attack or Food Supply crisis. 

2023 Predicted the Bitcoin ETF would happen and that it would happen on January 10th! I also predicted it would be a buy the rumor sell the news and that the price would go down when it first launched.   (CNBC interview and client webinar)

2023 In November I got my Greenhouse up and started my permaculture food forest. 

The bottom line is when things mattered the most I had my clients, listeners and viewers back.  While I haven’t always been right and don’t have a crystal ball I do have a wealth of knowledge that has helped me navigate the crazy world around us. 

I promise to always tell it like it is and to not simply tell you what you want to hear.  

A lot of people didn’t like when I criticized Trump for picking Jerome Powell or John Bolton or Mike Pence or Mike Pompeo and the list goes on and on.  

The Father of the Jibbidy Jab did nothing to awaken the masses to the scam of central banking and he has proved to be clueless about CBDC’s. 

Welcome Back!

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